At Summer's End

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 by Maria Sotire

Get Your Home Ready for Fall & Winter

No one is ready to let summer go, but as a homeowner it is always better to be prepared.  Once we get the kids back to school take a look at the following list of home maintenance.

Home maintenance is a year-round job. So, once we've turned off the A/C and before we turn on the heat, let's take a look at some to do items for your home improvement list:

• FURNACE:  Inspect your furnace. Replace dirty filters, and clean registers and grilles.  Call for your yearly inspection/tune up.
• WINDOWS & DOORS:  Use caulk, spray foam, and weather stripping to plug leaks.  Consider if it is time for replacements.
• AIR SEALING:  Your home has many "air leaks" that you may not be aware of:  Seal plumbing and electrical "holes" that go through your walls, floors and ceilings.
• INSULATE:  You can always add more insulation like fiberglass or spray foam insulation to the attic floor and house walls.
• WATER HEATER INSULATION:  You can wrap your water heater if the manufacturer allows.  And cover any exposed pipes with pre-made insulation jackets.
• GUTTERS & LEADERS:  Make sure your gutters & leaders (downspouts) are clean to help prevent Ice Daming.  Ice daming is when the ice builds up and pushes it's way under the roofing shingles - causing leaks and roof damage.
• CHIMNEY:  Before you make your first fire in your fireplace, make sure that the chimney and venting system is clean and working properly.

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