Customer Testimonial from Karyn S. in New Rochelle, NY


I selected Double R to side our house after meeting with a number of other outfits.  From the start Tony seemed thorough and competent when he was explaining to me particular trouble spots around our house!  In addition, he followed through with whatever he said he was going to do, for example, when he said he would call me about references in a couple of days.  He also referred us to good people we needed in conjunction with the siding job, such as an electrician.


The crew who did the job were terrific.  They were always polite when they needed something and readily discussed any questions with us.  They handled any problems that arose immediately.  My husband put it most accurately when he came into the house after spending a significant amount of time with the crew.  He said, “they know every possible thing about siding there is to know!”  I knew that already.  Finally, the guys did a great job cleaning everything up at the end.  It looks as if they has never been here.


The fact is, these guys did a fabulous job.  The gutters and leaders are clean and bright and perfectly aligned.  The casings around the windows and the borders around the roof are neat and tight.  The siding is straight with barely any possible cracks.  They did everything they were supposed to do.


Our house looks beautiful!  We would recommend Double R to anyone who wants a really excellent job done on their home.

- Karyn S. of New Rochelle, NY
Tuesday, May 5th